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About Alfix

Danish family owned business – since 1963.

With our slogan “Responsible strength”, we highlight the benefits our partners reap from working with our products. Teaming up with Alfix adds responsible strength to your company. This is a promise we strive to live up to each and every day.


We strive to develop a secure environment for those building the future of the Nordic region


With more sustainable systems we will win and inspire within the Nordic building sector


The following 5 values sum up the characteristics of every Alfix employee:

Service minded

Focus on customer service. We do our best at all times.


We take responsibility for every challenge facing the company and do our very best to fulfill the wishes of our customers. This value is also reflected in our ambitions and actions within responsible product development and production. Consideration for the environment and the working environment of our users is a vital part of Alfix's strategy.


We meet our customers and partners in a professional yet informal manner – and always with a smile.


Our customers and partners should always feel safe to rely on our products and recommendations. Words will be kept at all times. Confidence and accountability will be built and maintained through technical skills, thoroughness, and development.


We approach our products, the company, and the requirements of our customers in a serious, committed, and dedicated manner.

Responsible strength

A promise to customers, to partners and to society



Alfix supplies robust, high-quality products – and has been doing so since 1963.

The team

The team

Alfix is staffed by a strong, responsible team with a broad range of skills.

Technical Service

Technical Service

Alfix reinforces your customer segment by supplying professional construction-technical service.



Alfix follows a social responsibility in the fields of sustainability, education and charity.



Alfix enjoys a strong and healthy financial position – and has done since 1963.

Alfix was established in 1963 by Hans Carstensen Toft (1916-2003) and remains a family owned Danish company. H.C. Toft worked on the basis of many years of experience with sales to suppliers of the building and construction industry, and latest as a representative with a wholesaler within ceramic tile manufacture. Over the years he paid a large number of visits to especially German tile manufacturers providing him with very valuable contacts to researchers and profound knowledge of the manufacturing process itself. Complaints about cracked and miscoloured tiles were often made, but further investigation usually revealed that the mortar in use, being a home-made mixture of sand and cement, was in fact causing the failures and not the tiles as assumed so far by the majority of professionals.


If you have any questions, please contact our skilled and experienced staff.